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Why are sea turtles endanered?

Some reasons are that people are destroying there habitats i know they swim but they have to lay eggs were they were hatched. Plus if you discard plastic into the ocean turtle ( Full Answer )
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Why are mandrills endanered?

Mandrills are the most colorful mammals on the planet. They areendangered and at risk for extinction due to deforestation andbecause people hunt them for meat.
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What is cauing these animals to be endanered?

i think that , we are killing them, and tey can no reproduce babies that's is the causing of these animals to be endanered!! bye!! :) (the bet answer ever)
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Are manatees endanered?

As far as I have heard, sadly, yes. People hunt them for food, I think. If they go extinct, I'm gonna miss the fat, blubbery cuties!
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Are normal horses endanered?

No, there are a few breeds of horses that are endangered because there aren't that many.
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Is the kiwi a endanered speacies?

It's not a species, it's a fruit. And no or else there wouldn't be thousands of them at evry store that sells produce.