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What is an endogenous opioid?

Endogenous opioids are opiate-like substances that arephysiologically produced in the body, such as endorphins anddynorphins. The opioid system controls reward, pain and addic (MORE)
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What is a endogenous infection?

An endogenous infection is from biological material in one part of the body, where it is safe, intruding into a part of the body, where it can do harm - (stomach acid in the c (MORE)
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What is endogenous force?

All processes that take place inside Earth (and other planets) are considered endogenous. They make the continents migrate, push the mountains up, and trigger earthquakes and (MORE)
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What is an endogenous infection?

ENDOGENOUS INFECTION is an infection caused by an infectious agent that is already present in the body, but has previously been inapparent or dormant.
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What are endogenic reactions?

The free energy of the products is greater than the free energy of the reactants. The reaction is said to be endogenic.
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What is endogenic force?

endogenic forces have their origin deep down in the earth's interior and they work from below
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What is endogenous protein?

These are protein that are presented within the human body that areneeded for human metabolism.
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What is endogenous explanation?

it is a top down attentional processing. a guidance from within, voluntary, flexible and dynamic.
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What are endogenous hazards?

Hazards that are native to your environment" for instance in a lab you may be dealing with chemicals so slip hazards would be one! also toxic chemicals, you would need bio-haz (MORE)
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What is endogenous retrovirus?

Viruses insert RNA to copy selves.. this can take place during pregnancy.. Also Insertions are unique to viruses..