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What is an enema?

A enema is also known as a colon irrigation. Basically you are forcing water into your rectum, which will help loosen up fecal matter (poo). The process works with gravity, y ( Full Answer )
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What is a enema?

For the sexual purpose it is were you take water or air or both and put into your azz until you become bloated. For medical purposes you take water and put it in your azz and ( Full Answer )
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What is enema?

A rectal injection for clearing out the bowel, or administering drugs or food. Also can be used for pleasure. Some good enema sites are: http:/ ( Full Answer )
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Is enema harmful?

No, an enema is beneficial if administered carefully and correctly. It is best to read info from the many sites on the internet. The basics are to use water that is pure and b ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of an enema?

To clean the lower colon of any fecal matter by washing it out of the body.
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How do you do enema?

\nYou can purchase a enema kit in a health store quite cheaply, then you need to buy a solution to use, some people like to use distilled water, others like to use organic cof ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of enemas?

Enemas are used to assist the body to expell feces. Especially in cases where the stool is dessicated or too large to be deficated naturally such as in the case of dehydration ( Full Answer )
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Who uses enemas?

Lot's of people use them either b4 major surgery, for daily health reasons, before anal play, some use it for sexual as well,
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Where can you get a enema kit from?

Anywhere. If you want nice big one the Internet (Ebay) if you want simple ones wal-mart, target, rite aid, or any pharmacy.
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How do you do take an enema?

Well I presume you have the equipment relevant (enema bag, hose, solution or what ever you are using, or a fleet enema, lube and a toilet near by). Enema bag. . Attach the h ( Full Answer )