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Is glucose an instant source of energy?

Glucose isn't an instant source of energy but if you are talking about in your body the reason it is quck to act is because glucose is what your body uses to create energy alo (MORE)
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What is solar energy as an alternative energy source?

Solar energy is the most maintence free type of energy and the  easiest to be generated by the average home owner. Power can be  sent directly into the panel when it is coll (MORE)
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What is the ultimate source of energy?

The Ultimate Source of Energy according to current knowledge comes from Nuclear Fusion. Natural Sources of Nuclear Fusion are; Stars. An example would be "The Sun". Nu (MORE)

What are the sources of heat energy?

Heat energy is a form of energy that is transferred by a difference  in temperature. There are many sources of heat energy including the  sun, a burner, automobile fuels, an (MORE)
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What conventional energy sources?

Conventional energy sources are energy sources that are considered normal to use. For example, coal, nuclear, geothermal, hydroelectricity, and natural gas are sources of conv (MORE)

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What is the energy source of the cell?

the mitochondria is the main source but most of them provide energy also. hope this answers your question.
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What is the source of energy in most ecosystems?

Herbivores are the dominant species on Earth so plants are the major source of energy next to an Omnivores diet of meat and plants. The plant process is photosynthesis and tha (MORE)

What are the renewable sources of energy?

The renewable sources of energy include Solar Power, Wind Power,  Biomass, Geothermal and Hydro Electricity, and Hydrogen.    Other renewable sources are wave power an (MORE)
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Source of chemical energy?

  Many energy sources  commonly used by humans are forms of chemical energy. They are  usually labeled "fuels." The way to use the chemical energy in most  fuels is by (MORE)