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Why is tidal energy a limited source of energy?

Tidal energy is an nonpolluting inexhaustible energy source. However, its use is limited because it needs a large bay or estuary with a narrow outlet to the sea where there is (MORE)
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Sources of non conventional source of energy?

All naturally occurring forces/energy sources/ material sources of energy are non conventional source of energy. Some of them are as follows 1. Wind energy. The naturally bl (MORE)
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What is solar energy as an alternative energy source?

Solar energy is the most maintence free type of energy and the  easiest to be generated by the average home owner. Power can be  sent directly into the panel when it is coll (MORE)

What are the sources of heat energy?

Heat energy is a form of energy that is transferred by a difference  in temperature. There are many sources of heat energy including the  sun, a burner, automobile fuels, an (MORE)
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What conventional energy sources?

Conventional energy sources are energy sources that are considered normal to use. For example, coal, nuclear, geothermal, hydroelectricity, and natural gas are sources of conv (MORE)
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How does energy spread from an energy-producing source?

for example the sun. The light spreads out in all directions but as you go farther out the wave frequency is less. You can drop a stone into a pond the waves go out every whe (MORE)

Why is solar energy a good source of energy?

The main reasons are- 1. Solar panels once installed, they can save your monthly energy expenses. 2. They are Eco-friendly, ie. they don't emit carbon dioxide, burn fossil (MORE)
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Source of chemical energy?

  Many energy sources  commonly used by humans are forms of chemical energy. They are  usually labeled "fuels." The way to use the chemical energy in most  fuels is by (MORE)