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How do you pronounce 'Les Enfants'?

It is pronounced "lay zah[n] fah[n]". For the word les, try to make sure the vowel is pure, short and steady. The vowel in the English lay is actually a diphthong--i.e. a gl (MORE)

What is the Signifcance of title Au Revoir les Enfants?

The movie is semi-autobiographical. Louis Malle went to a catholic school that harbored Jewish children. When Nazis arrested the headmaster he said "au revoir les enfants" as (MORE)
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What does the phrase 'jeux d enfants' mean?

The French term 'Jeux d enfants' can translate to two different meaning in English. According to IMDb official website, 'Jeux d enfants' is a film title, which translate to 'L (MORE)

Is Les enfants in french masculine or feminine?

The word "enfant" is both a masculine and a feminine in French, soyou can write "un enfant" for a boy (or even a girl) or "uneenfant" (for a girl only). The plural "les enfant (MORE)