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What does a research engineer do in civil engineering?

There are many possibilities. First you need a Masters or aDoctorate. By the time you finish that you will know what researchis. The possibilities for research could be in str (MORE)

What does an engineer do?

An engineer uses mathematics, science, logic, technology, and  common sense to solve real world problems. I apologize if this  definition may seem too broad, but there are i (MORE)

What is an engine?

an engine is the part of a machine that is responsible for turningfuel or electricity in power that is used to operate the machine.Example: A plane's engines burn fuel in oxyg (MORE)

What kind of engines are steam engines?

It is an engine of one or more cylinders which relies on steam pressure to move a piston along.. Water is heated in a boiler, the steam expands though a tube into the cylinder (MORE)

How do you get an engine out?

In general, to pull an engine out of a car, you can follow a basic process listed below: 1. Disconnect and remove the battery. 2. Disconnect any wires you can. 3. Disconnect (MORE)

Is a 383 engine a dodge engine?

Yes and no. Dodge did make a V8 engine that displaced 383 cubic inches from the factory. However, a Chevy 350 can be modified to displace 383 cubic inches if you bore the cyli (MORE)

Can aircraft engineer be an aerospace engineer?

Typically, no. An Aerospace Engineer and Aircraft Engineer are 2 different things in the same category. An Aerospace Engineer works on designing, creating, and brainstorming i (MORE)

What is an engineering?

Engineering was made by an Australian scientist by the name of  Gregor Mendal, engineering is a way to make science come to life,  as of Web Engineering is mostly coding, a (MORE)