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What does an engineer do?

An engineer uses mathematics, science, logic, technology, and  common sense to solve real world problems. I apologize if this  definition may seem too broad, but there are i (MORE)

What do engineers do?

Combines biology and engineering. Systems engineers ensure safe  food, healthy ecosystems, bio energy and human health.
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What is an engineering?

Engineering was made by an Australian scientist by the name of  Gregor Mendal, engineering is a way to make science come to life,  as of Web Engineering is mostly coding, a (MORE)

What is it engineering?

engineering is a process or method by which we observe from our past inventions to to overpower it with a better one or make a whole new invention never before done in the his (MORE)

What does an IT engineer do?

An IT Engineer is a generalist position responsible for the implementation of all software and hardware solutions in an organisation. This post may include training, hardware/ (MORE)

What are engineers?

Engineers are basically creators. There are many types of engineers, who design and produce new and improved products. Some types are Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemic (MORE)
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What after engineering?

There are 3 options :-Option a) You can take up a job at a reputed Multinational Company and hone your skills in your field of studies, Option b) Go for higher education (such (MORE)