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Is there an Old Jersey if there is a New Jersey?

Yes, but it's not called Old Jersey, it's just called "Jersey."   The "old" Jersey is a Channel Island between England and France.  When England took possession of the Du (MORE)

Do rats live in New Jersey?

Rats live on every continent on earth, except Antarctica, whereit's too cold, too few humans, and no food chain for any animal.
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What is cost of heroin in New Jersey?

60 dollars a bundle (10 bags; about 1 gram) in Newark or Paterson 8-15 dollars for a stamp bag outside of the urban areas (1 bag = approx. .1 gram) BTW according to the DEA, N (MORE)

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What is New Jersey colony nickname?

New Jersey's nickname is The Garden State. There is no specific  reason for this, though Abraham Browning is credited with the  nickname. Browning supposedly referred to the (MORE)

How do you get working papers in New Jersey?

Working Papers are available at the public school of the district  in which you reside.    All students between the ages of 14 and 17 are required by  Pennsylvania Sc (MORE)