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How do you make homemade longbows?

Note; this bow was made once and works great. Please let me know if you find a better way. You will need a utility blade sandpaper a lighter wood stain wood varnis (MORE)

How did the English longbow compare with the crossbow used by the genoes?

the longbow has a longer range, and a better rate of fire. the bow was easy to disassemble, so the bowstring could be taken off in the rain, to protect it. the crossbow was (MORE)

How was the longbow used?

English medieval bows, including longbows, were used for archery practice, in hunting and in warfare. Archery practice was held in almost every town and village, generally a (MORE)

What is better a shortbow or a longbow?

 Both bows are made for different reasons and different uses, but in general, a longbow is more "forgiving" than a shortbow, therefor considered to be more "accurate"; the (MORE)

What wood is used to make a longbow?

Ash was the wood that was most used to make the English longbow.   Yes, Ash was used, but the preferred wood is Yew. Ash is used to make the arrows certainly.
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How did the medieval longbow change warfare?

  By perfecting the change from close-combat to missile weapons.   Before the 14th century most missile weapons were comparatively feeble. A Classical bow, for example, (MORE)

Why was the longbow so lethal?

Because it required little skill to fire, even though it did take a fair amount of training. A lord could more easily muster an army of peasants with longbows than train them (MORE)

Why were longbows bad in the medieval time?

Longbows were very powerful. They were so powerful that a person who had not practiced archery for years could not use one, and scientists can tell from examining a skeleton w (MORE)