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Did things get better for the peasants after the peasants revolt?

It seemed as if the revolt had been a total failure. But over the next century, the peasants received most of what they had asked for in 1381. First, Parliament gave up tryin (MORE)

Who was in the peasants revolt?

All the angry peasats who wanted higher wages, lower taxes and an end to work service. There were around 100,000 (bigger than the World cup final) and their leader was called (MORE)
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What were the peasants demands in 1381?

Different people say the demands were diferent things, also the demands kept changing and were mostly unrealistic and imposible for the nobles to agree to, these are the ones (MORE)
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Who died in the peasants revolt 1381?

Apart from thousands of rebels who were rounded up and executed after the revolt, the preaching priest John Ball was drawn and quartered, Wat Tyler was killed at Smithfield af (MORE)

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