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Can you engrave copper?

A laser engraving shop can engrave copper for you. Laser engraving on copper produces a dark black mark that is permanent (would have to be dug out in order to be removed). La (MORE)
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What is engraving?

Engraving means to write on a hard surface, such as stone or wood like the letters on a gravestone are engraved

What is chemical engraving?

A process by which photos and paintings are copoied and reproduced onto items such as books, newspapers, and magazines.
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Can you engrave a Kindle?

I'm not aware of Amazon offering such a service, and I doubt they do. Nevertheless, most electronic devices can be engraved nowadays so all you need to do is to find a loca (MORE)

Who engraves things?

A laser engraving shop can engrave just about any material. From wood to leather to stone to stainless steel, they have the ability to either engrave some materials with an ac (MORE)

Is engraved an adjective?

Yes, it can be (engraved watch, engraved invitation). The word engraved is the past tense and past participle of the verb(to engrave) and can be used as an adjective for somet (MORE)

How can you engrave on plastic?

Plastic can be engraved by a number of ways. If you're looking to do it yourself, then a steady hand and a dremel tool will work, but if you're looking for a more professional (MORE)
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Where can you get your rings engraved?

You can get your rings engraved at a jewelry store. They should be willing to do that for a reasonable price, depending on what material your ring is.
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Who are engraved cufflinks for?

Engraved cuff-links are usually purchased for a man to go with his dress-shirt, that he would wear on formal occasions (dress-shirts lack buttons at the cuffs). Engraved ones (MORE)
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Is there an engraving on the watch?

You need to be more specific, or perhaps consider the possibilitythat the question cannot be answered by anyone here.