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How do you enjoy sex?

There are quite a few ways to enjoy sex. If you are having sex and you WANT to enjoy it then just relax-you will enjoy it more when you do, usually all you NEED to think of (MORE)

How do you enjoy?

If you want to enjoy life, then try to make the most of every day.  Of course, we all have to work and do chores and what not, but you  can squeeze in something fun or joyfu (MORE)

How do you enjoy failure?

  See failure as a learning experience, which it is, rather than as a defeat, which it isn't.
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Is it an enjoy or and enjoy?

Enjoy is a verb > enjoy, enjoys, enjoying, enjoyed. You should relax and enjoy yourself. The conjunction 'and' is used to join two words to form a compound verb, a compound s (MORE)

How do you enjoy reading?

The way that I can enjoy reading is by finding a story that is suited to my reading level and interests me as well. Picking a novel is crucial to the enjoyment of a story do s (MORE)

Is enjoying an adjective?

No, it is a form of a verb. It is the present participle of the  verb (to enjoy), and may be used an a noun (gerund).
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What do you enjoy about WikiAnswers?

I enjoy WikiAnswers because I get the chance to answer people's questions, ask questions, welcoming new users (Community Outreach), catching Vandals, learning new things, and (MORE)

Is enjoyed a noun?

No, the word enjoyed is the past participle, past tense of the  verb to enjoy.    The noun forms for the verb are enjoyer, enjoyment, and the gerund,  enjoying.
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