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Is enjoyed an adjective?

It could be, but not typically (e.g. enjoyed pastimes to mean  enjoyable pastimes).   It is normally a past tense verb, but as the past participle it  could be used as a (MORE)

Is enjoyed a noun?

No, the word enjoyed is the past participle, past tense of the  verb to enjoy.    The noun forms for the verb are enjoyer, enjoyment, and the gerund,  enjoying.
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Is enjoy an adverb?

No. Enjoy is not an adverb, it's a verb. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Verbs show an action or a state of being. Example: I thoroughly enjoyed that conc (MORE)

Is enjoy an emotion?

Yes, it is. Enjoy means being happy with something or someone. for instance, you might really enjoy going to the movies because it's fun and exciting.
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Is it an enjoy or and enjoy?

Enjoy is a verb > enjoy, enjoys, enjoying, enjoyed. You should relax and enjoy yourself. The conjunction 'and' is used to join two words to form a compound verb, a compound s (MORE)

How do you enjoy?

If you want to enjoy life, then try to make the most of every day.  Of course, we all have to work and do chores and what not, but you  can squeeze in something fun or joyfu (MORE)

Why do you enjoy eating?

  Since eating is necessary for life, we have evolved an enjoyment of eating. Those who do not enjoy eating are more likely to starve, and those who starve are less likely (MORE)
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What is the adverb of enjoy?

Many adverbs are created from adjectives: quick > quickly, electrical > electrically. Enjoy is a verb, but it can become an adjective by adding the suffix -able. Adding the su (MORE)