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What is quiet enjoyment?

  Answer   A modified gross lease is a variation of a gross lease in which, typically, a tenant only pays base rent during the first calendar year (even if it is onl (MORE)

Is fashion enjoyable?

of course it is! why wouldn't it be! i love fashion, clothes, and shopping. well, it depends what kind of person you are. if you are girly, then it should be. if you are more (MORE)

Is homosexuality enjoyable?

Well, yes it is. Depending on your partner and how you as a person feel about it and can accept it it is very enjoyable. Answer A committed relationship, regardless of sex (MORE)
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What is the adverb of enjoyment?

Gee, I think I'd use "happily." The adverb form of enjoyment would be the form you'd use to describe or modify a verb. So, how would you do some in an enjoyable manner? I thin (MORE)

Why is football enjoyable?

Football is enjoyable because it is a game of strategy rather than talent. Each position has to function well togethe or they will fall short of a victory.
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Was the Titanic enjoyable?

No, how would you like to be so scared that you practically were peeing your pants and over 6/8 of the people on bored lost their lives! HOw would you like to be one of those (MORE)
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What is the verb for enjoyable?

The verb form for the adjective enjoyable is to enjoy (enjoys, enjoying, enjoyed). Did you enjoy the cookies? I always enjoy them when they're fresh baked.

What is friendship and enjoyment?

Friendship is a description of a fond relationship with another person. Friendship is often started by finding things in common with another person and spending time together. (MORE)
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What is the meaning of enjoyment?

In terms of the English language, the meaning of the term enjoyment is the measure of satisfaction one gets from a person, place, or thing. Enjoyment is often the desired resu (MORE)