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What is a synonym for enjoyable?

Synonyms for enjoyable include:agreeable amusing clear sailingdelectabledeliciousdelightfulentertainingfungenialgratifyinggroovyjust for grinsjust for kicksjust for laughsjust (MORE)

Do foxes swim for enjoyment?

Foxes do have the ability to swim but they do not do it for fun. They only swim if they have to. For example, if the water appears as a "roadblock" for them, then they will sw (MORE)
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What are the enjoyment benefits of the sport lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a wonderful game enjoyed by many Americans each and every day. Many people enjoy playing lacrosse. When a poll was taken of 38,000 American households, 99.8% said (MORE)

What is quiet enjoyment?

  Answer   A modified gross lease is a variation of a gross lease in which, typically, a tenant only pays base rent during the first calendar year (even if it is onl (MORE)

Can you put the word 'enjoyment' in a sentence?

It would be to my utter enjoyment to attend the Royal's party. I get no enjoyment from suspending accounts, usually. The cat's enjoyment with the mouse was obvious to all.
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What is the verb for enjoyable?

The verb form for the adjective enjoyable is to enjoy (enjoys, enjoying, enjoyed). Did you enjoy the cookies? I always enjoy them when they're fresh baked.