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What is an enlightened despot?

Answer 1   Also called benevolent despotism, enlightened despotism is a form of government most common in the 18th century in which absolute monarchs pursued legal, social (MORE)

Was Napoleon Bonaparte an enlightened despot?

Yes and no. He created many reforms and strategic plans for the improvement of the well-being of the people of France. For example, he reintroduced the Catholic Church to Fran (MORE)

What sort of reform did the enlightened despots make?

The enlightenment despots supported the philosophes' ideas. But they also had no intention of giving up any power. The changes they made were motivated by two desires: they wa (MORE)

What were the goals of the enlightened despots?

They claimed that they wanted to carry out enlightenment ideals through political and social reform
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Who ruled Austria as an enlightened despot?

Joseph II, son of Maria Theresa and brother of the infamous Marie Antoinette, queen of France during the French Revolution. One could also make the case that his mother, Mar (MORE)
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What monarch is associated with the establishment of enlightened despotism in Prussia in the middle of the eighteenth century?

Frederick II, also known as Frederick the Great, was a Prussian  ruler in the 18th century. He was an enlightened absolutist,  meaning that he ruled over Prussia using princ (MORE)