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What is the opposite of enlighten?

A Dark Age. The word which most accurately characterizes the opposite of "enlighten" is "obscure". The word "enlighten" is characterized by revealing or making known, while (MORE)

What is enlightened marketing?

    Enlightened marketing is a marketing philosphy holding that a company's marketing should support the best longrun performance of the marketing system.It has 5 prin (MORE)

What is an enlightened despot?

Answer 1   Also called benevolent despotism, enlightened despotism is a form of government most common in the 18th century in which absolute monarchs pursued legal, social (MORE)

What is the significance of the enlightenment?

The significance of the enlightenment was the movement of European  ideas from the later 17th century to the later 18th century. It was  a very important time that gave us a (MORE)

What is a sentence for enlighten?

Enlighten, as of religion: The famous preacher's speech was enlightening; many people who did not believe in religion soon joined the church shortly after. The preacher tr (MORE)

What is the Age of Enlightenment?

Enlightenment means "to shine a light on." During the  Enlightenment, the scientific method was applied to theology,  history, morality, and politics. The Enlightenment was (MORE)

What is enlightened?

First off, not being enlightened myself and knowing that others who have reached it said that it is hard to explain, I will try to express it as it has been spressed to us who (MORE)

How does it feel to be enlightened?

It is a state where your body transforms into pure white light, and you experience a warmness alike to laying under the sun but all surrounding. Very few people have gotten ne (MORE)

What is meant by the enlightenment?

The Enlightenment process began through people writing articles and others discussing the concepts such as freedom to gain an education, gather peaceably and a big one - for p (MORE)