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What does enormous mean?

Enormous means to have the characteristic of being large or gigantic, physically or in a mental sense.
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Enormous in a sentence?

I ate two full meals at one sitting because I had an enormous appetite. That elephant is enormous ! I think it's redonkulous to say ginormous , but ginormous i ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of enormous?

huge . gigantic . colossal . immense . monstrous . whopping . mammoth . voluminous Immense ,vast ,immeasurable, limitless
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What is a sentence for enormous?

An elephant is large, but the dinosaurs were enormous. How will he ever pay off such an enormous debt? The meteor fell to earth and left an enormous hole in the empty field ( Full Answer )
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Why are samoans enormous?

There are big and small people in every race. Not all Samoans are big. It all depends on one's diet, exercising, or a medical condition.
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Is enormous an adverb?

No. It is the adjective form. To make an adjective an adverb, add"-ly" to the end. So "enormously" is an adverb, indicating how something was done.
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What is the sentence for enormous?

"Although his head was enormous, he still lived a long happy life" - ZoMBiEzZ x8 LOL
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Is enormously an adverb?

As far as I know, if it describes a noun, it is an adjective. If it describes a verb, it is an adverb. I wouldn't know if I don't know how it was being used in a sentence.
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Are cows enormous?

They can be, especially if you are referring the very large breeds of cattle like Charolais, Chianina and Belgian Blue, for instance. But not all cattle are enormous: there ar ( Full Answer )
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What is the mean of enormous?

Enormous means very large in size, quantity and extent. It is huge, vast, extensive and without limit