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A synonm for enrich?

A synonym for enrich would be to improve, enhance, or to grace.Other synonyms are to better, upgrade, and build up.
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What is enriched media?

Enriched media are the selective media in which substances like blood,serum,egg etc are added to the basal medium. They are used to grow the bacteria which are more exacting ( Full Answer )
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What is enrichment?

Enrichment means to improve something any make it more rewarding orsubstantial. For example: adding vitamins and minerals to food tomake it better for the body is a form of en ( Full Answer )
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What does enrich mean?

The word "enrich" is a verb which refers to making somethingbetter. It can also be used as the adverb, "enriching," which canrefer to finding fulfillment from something, as we ( Full Answer )
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How do you enrich uranium?

Many methods are known now. 1. Large scale methods: centrifugation and gaseous diffusion 2. Small scale methods: thermal diffusion, nozzle expansion, laser separations, e ( Full Answer )
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What are enriched carbohydrates?

Enriched carbohydrates are a result of processed food. They have their natural vitamins and some minerals taken out only to be replaced by non natural sources. It defeats the ( Full Answer )
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What was enrichment plantation?

ome of our environmental activists say that the promotion of a fewfavoured species, in many parts of India has been carried throughthe ironically-termed "enrichment plantation ( Full Answer )
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What is academic enrichment?

Academic enrichment are subjects, areas of study, or activitiesthat are not a part of the regular academic studies. Enrichmentmight include music classes and lessons, dance, s ( Full Answer )
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What is education enrichment?

an education enrichment is that you are smart like you have a gift being enrich with education for examples:this boy is very smart he has an education enrichment
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What is Microsatellite enrichment?

Microsatellite enrichment is a method in molecular biology used for enriching the amount of microsatellite sequences in a DNA sample.