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What is the status of the USS Enterprise?

As of June 2012, the USS Enterprise was finishing it's last deployment. It is scheduled to come back to its home port in October 2012 and the ship will probably be de-comissio (MORE)

What does the 65 stand for on the uss enterprise?

CVN-65 is the 65th Fleet Carrier designated to be built; some carriers were assigned a number and never buillt, consequently their number was skipped, so there were not 65 air (MORE)

What happened to the enterprise A?

  Following the Khitomer mission, the Enterprise was ordered by Starfleet Command to return to Spacedock to be decommissioned. In spite of this, Captain Kirk ordered the s (MORE)

What is the definition of enterprise?

The definition for enterprise is 1) a projector or undertaking - usually one that is difficult or requires effort 2) initiative and resourcefulness
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What is enterprise?

enterprise can be defined as the efforts made by people to achieve something new. for example: people have the initiative to start projects, to face the challenges involved a (MORE)

What is enterprising skills?

Enterprising skills are knowledge and abilities that can be put to good use to create and operate an enterprise of your own, or be a substantial contributor to an enterprise a (MORE)

What is enterprise search?

  Enterprise search is the ability to access and search all content within an enterprise. This normally applies to large systems within companies (such as an intranet or o (MORE)
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What was the mission of the Enterprise?

The mission of the Enterprise was to retrieve information and pictures of Mars by landing on the planet and collecting results it then sent back to Earth.
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