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What is an enterprise?

It is a large often complicated venture, usually in the business world. Such as--> Buying out the competition is a huge enterprise. It is also the name of an Aircraft Carrier (MORE)

What is enterprise?

enterprise can be defined as the efforts made by people to achieve something new. for example: people have the initiative to start projects, to face the challenges involved a (MORE)

Why was USS Enterprise named Enterprise?

The original USS Enterprise (the first of 8 US sea vessels), was a wooden Sloop (a single masted vessel) named HMS George, and was captured by an American Army officer named B (MORE)

What are objectives of an enterprise?

Objectives PROFITABILITY: To manage the assets and human resources, in the most effective and efficient manner, to ensure reasonable return on investment and to main (MORE)

Who invented enterprising?

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What is the enterprise wheel?

This Manufacturing enterprise wheel represents the components and interrelationship of a manufacturing system as described by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, SME.