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What is plural of enthusiasm?

The plural form for the noun enthusiasm is enthusiasms.    The noun enthusiasm is a countable noun as a word for an activity  or subject that you are interested in and (MORE)
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Why is enthusiasm important?

Enthusiasm is important for many reasons. Generally, people do not gravitate towards boring people. Enthusiasm can be a great tool in improving your own attitude. Using enthus (MORE)
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Is enthusiasm an adverb?

No, the word enthusiasm is a state of being. If it were in its form, enthusiastically, it would be an adverb.
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Why does a sports leader need enthusiasm?

A sports leader is perceived as a "Guro" in his field. As a leader, you have to put your passion towards anything you do. By doing this, you create a true relationship with (MORE)
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Is it right to say great enthusiasm?

Yes.   However, it sounds a bit strange.   Eg. ' Awesome ! ' He squealed with great enthusiasm.   ( i'd prefer to say : he squealed enthusiastically )   Eg. I (MORE)