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What is entourage?

  An 'entourage' is a usually small group of people that ride on the coattails of somebody successful. The show 'Entourage' is about 3 young men who live off of the fame (MORE)

When does Season 6 of 'Entourage' start?

Actually I have read that Season Six will start July 12th.   Sixth Season   HBO confirmed on October 6, 2008, "that Entourage has been renewed for a sixth season wit (MORE)

Who is the entourage at a wedding?

Basically, a wedding entourage is composed of a maid of honor who  assists the bride throughout the wedding planning stage down to the  actual big day, a best man which has (MORE)
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Is entourage a movie?

No currently Entourage is not a movie. Their is a tv show named Entourage though.
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Why isn't Entourage available on Netflix?

I just called Netflix customer service about this very same issue.  I love Entourage and want to stream it on my system, Season 7 or  any for that matter.    I was to (MORE)

What is wedding entourage?

A wedding entourage usually involves the members of the bridal party. This includes the bridesmaids, maid of honour, groomsmen, best man, flower girl and ring boy. The size is (MORE)