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How do you use entourage in a sentence?

An entourage is a group of people attending or surrounding an  important person. Here is entourage in a sentence:   "President Obama and his entourage are on their way."
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Why isn't Entourage available on Netflix?

I just called Netflix customer service about this very same issue.  I love Entourage and want to stream it on my system, Season 7 or  any for that matter.    I was to (MORE)

How much do the actors of entourage make an episode?

ATM the main 6 actors ari vince turle drama and E make 200,000$ and episode Loyd only makes about 75,000$ since its only his first few seasons and the others have been there f (MORE)
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Entourage mark wahlberg's life?

Yes, Entourage is mainly based on Mark Wahlberg's uprising in Hollywood as Vincent Chase. Mark's Agent is indeed Ari, But not Ari Gold. Ari Emmanuel who is the most notorious (MORE)

What is entourage?

  An 'entourage' is a usually small group of people that ride on the coattails of somebody successful. The show 'Entourage' is about 3 young men who live off of the fame (MORE)