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What are the intentions of the entrepreneur?

The primary goal of any entrepreneur is to make his or her business successful. Intentions may vary depending on a person's point of view and what motivates him or her to take (MORE)

Who is a novice entrepreneur?

Someone who has just started investing money in a venture, or has just set up a firm. He or she is learning things so as to make more profit; a novice entrepreneur is not expe (MORE)

Who is a entrepreneur?

Ah, an entrepreneur. A very fine person indeed. This is a hardworking individual who goes out of his way to create his own business that answers a cry, spoken or not,in his or (MORE)

How do you interview an entrepreneur?

1. Gather the contact data of the interviewee 2. Write a brief letter to the person you would like to interview - on what and why you're doing one 3. Set up a specific tim (MORE)

Why manager can not be entrepreneur and why entrepreneur can be manager?

A manager is mostly into managing the business operations and do not go beyond that, he/she might be an employee but an entrepreneur is an individual who owns the business, ge (MORE)

What is the meaning of entrepreneur?

Business Leader Definitions of Entrepreneur on the Web: An innovator of business enterprise who recognizes opportunities to introduce a new product, a new process or an impr (MORE)

What is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur could mean: 1. the owner of a company or small corporation, i.e., the personwho provides the capital of an entity or contributes an importantasset such as a prop (MORE)
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What does a entrepreneur do?

An entrepreneur is a business owner. A entrepreneur is a person who willing to accept a high level of personal and financial risk in a new venture or enterprise and accepts (MORE)

What is opportunistic entrepreneur?

An opportunistic entrepreneur identifies a need in the  marketplace and may or may not have any experience in that  particular field but still sets out to fill that need fro (MORE)

What does an entrepreneur do?

Entrepreneurs come in different guises. Overall, however, entrepreneurs are individuals who build capital through initiative or risk. Successful entrepreneurs are enterprising (MORE)