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Who is a entrepreneur?

Ah, an entrepreneur. A very fine person indeed. This is a hardworking individual who goes out of his way to create his own business that answers a cry, spoken or not,in his or (MORE)

Can you lose weight in a month by starving yourself?

  Answer     Yes. By starving yourself you will lose weight. Please give your body the respect it deserves. You breathe, your heart pumps, your kidneys filter (MORE)

How do you answer 'Market yourself' in a job interview?

If you are trying to get a job in retail/marketing or sales of any kind it is a common thing for an interviewer to expect someone to be able to sell themselves before they ca (MORE)
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What does a entrepreneur do?

An entrepreneur is a business owner. A entrepreneur is a person who willing to accept a high level of personal and financial risk in a new venture or enterprise and accepts (MORE)

What does an entrepreneur do?

Entrepreneurs come in different guises. Overall, however, entrepreneurs are individuals who build capital through initiative or risk. Successful entrepreneurs are enterprising (MORE)

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