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What is entropy?

Entropy is the measure of chaos or disorder in a closed system. For example: imagine an empty room with a single cup of tea (or coffee if you are American) on a table in the c ( Full Answer )
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What does an entropy mean?

Entropy refers to a measurement used in thermodynamics. Thismeasure is usually represented by an "S" and is usually used formeasuring disorders.
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What is translational entropy?

There are 2 possible answers depending on the context of ENTROPY Possible Answer 1: A measure of the velocity of the dispersal or degradation of energy. Possible Answer 2: an ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by entropy?

Entropy is a measure of the amount of disorder a system has. More accurately the amount of work that can be extracted from a system. The more entropy a system has the less wor ( Full Answer )
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What is the entropy of the universe?

We use "entropy of the universe" or S univ. as a phrase that means the sum of all the entropy. This is useful when we describe the spontaneity of a reaction - a reaction will ( Full Answer )
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How can you fight entropy?

If entropy is taken to mean the amount of "randomness," then you could fight it by organizing matter (e.g. clean up your room). But in time, everything tends towards disorder; ( Full Answer )
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Why does entropy do?

A physical quantity that is the measurement of the amount of disorder in a system.
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Who discover entropy?

Entropy can be considered inefficiency. For example, in cooking food, a lot of heat is also going elsewhere. As science evolved, the desire for machines with perfect efficienc ( Full Answer )
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What is the application of entropy?

Entropy S, doesn't really have an "application". It is one of the fundamental state functions in thermodynamics, and ranks alongside, E, P, V, T Traditionally termed a measu ( Full Answer )
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Entropy increases in what?

If you increase the molecules, or go from a gas to a liquid or viceversa, entropy increases.