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What is entropy?

Entropy is the measure of chaos or disorder in a closed system. For example: imagine an empty room with a single cup of tea (or coffee if you are American) on a table in the c (MORE)
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What is an example of entropy?

Answer . Ice melting is a good example - energy is used to melt the ice but no work is done so it is sometimes called useless energy - check Wika Dictionary def. . Answer (MORE)
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Examples of entropy?

There are macroscopic and microscopic examples of increasing entropy, all of which are also examples of increasing disorder and randomness. Macroscopic: Watch yourself get ol (MORE)
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Example of entropy?

It's not much use to give "examples of entropy"; it is an abstract concept that you must try to understand as such. Anyway, any matter that has heat energy, has entropy.

Can entropy be negative?

I am not sure whether you refer to delta S (change in entropy) or entropy itself. So I'll answer for both. For S (entropy), which is defined by the function S=kln(omega), wher (MORE)

What are synonyms of entropy?

Disorder, chaos, and randomness are all synonyms for "entropy." The synonyms are only valid in certain areas or subjects. Disorder and chaos would fit better into thermodynami (MORE)

What are the entropy and enthalpy?

Enthalpy refers to the total energy content of the system. It is represented in thermodynamics as H=E+PV, where H refers to the total enthalpy of the system, E refers to the t (MORE)

Why entropy is not disorder?

In my opinion entropy not only is disorder but also it attempt to make a new order by distribution of energy in universe.I want to prove this idea by a simple example. In my (MORE)