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What is a HTML encoder?

  An HTML encoder is a simple tool that transforms your HTML code into a JavaScript code, preventing your website visitors from reading your web page source code. This hel (MORE)
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What is the entropy of the universe?

We use "entropy of the universe" or Suniv. as a phrase that means the sum of all the entropy. This is useful when we describe the spontaneity of a reaction - a reaction will b (MORE)
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What is meant by entropy?

  Entropy is a measure of the amount of disorder a system has. More accurately the amount of work that can be extracted from a system. The more entropy a system has the le (MORE)

What does entropy measure?

Entropy is the inclination for things to increase their level of  disorder.    eg. If you buy a puzzle in a box and you shake it really hard the  pieces become more d (MORE)

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Can entropy be reversed?

You've likely seen this, but: THERE IS AS YET INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER. We simply don't know enough about the source of energy to know. Were an absolute (MORE)

How does a encoder works?

Encoder will just sit on the desk and encode to the computer everything his or her boss wants.
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What does a captcha encoder do?

A Captcha encoder generates tests that most humans can pass, in aim to prevent bot spam of any kind. In other words, the captcha encoder develops test that computer programs (MORE)

What is an encoder answer?

An encoder is a digital circuit which accepts one of the inputs and converts it into BCD or Binary Coded Output. It performs the reverse function of that of a decoder.
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What are encoders?

    Encoders turn readable information into a different format for example a CD track into an MP3. A decoder undoes this encoding to make the file readable, for exampl (MORE)

What is encoder job?

In software, an encoder takes some data and transforms it into a format suitable for storage or transmission. In hardware, an encoder which takes multiple input lines and ou (MORE)