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What environment is a pueblo in?

The pueblos environment is sandy and hot they lived in south west of north America and lived in a building on canyon. This building is a D shape with 5 storeys and 800 rooms f (MORE)

What can you do for the environment?

I know lots of people wonder what can we about the environment. The simple things you can do is recycle, drive less, use energy saving light bulbs and turn off things you don' (MORE)

What are uncontrollable environments?

  They are environments, for instance Florida, that have bad hurricane weather each year, because of the habitat and the location in where the mass of land is.   It's w (MORE)
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What do skunks do for the environment?

Well, Skunks help the environment in many ways but one very common way is by eating harmful insects. Many farmers don't know this but they find that a "pest" has been in tomat (MORE)

What is environment?

The definition of environment is the influences and resources in  a system.   The environment is your surroundings, your house, your garden, your  town, your shops, the (MORE)
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What does environment mean?

In nature, the totality of surrounding conditions. The world around you is your environment: air, sun, ground, sky, house, woods -- whatever you live within is your environmen (MORE)

What is the environment of the horse?

usually the environment for a horse would be a nice open grassy Pasture or Field. but horses can live in the desert but need a secure water source and shade
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What can you do for our environment?

USE LESS! turn off lights you aren't using. use reusable silverware and plates instead of disposable. Turn off the air conditioning. turn down the thermostat in the winter and (MORE)