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What is environment?

The definition of environment is the influences and resources ina system. . The environment is your surroundings, your house, your garden, yourtown, your shops, the hills and (MORE)
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What is the environment?

a place where organisms reside the environement is a thing that we live in our envirment is everything aroud us that is living .
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What is an environment?

Definitions of environment on the Web:. the totality of surrounding conditions; "he longed for the comfortable environment of his living room" . the area in which somethin (MORE)
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What can you do for the environment?

I know lots of people wonder what can we about the environment. The simple things you can do is recycle, drive less, use energy saving light bulbs and turn off things you don' (MORE)
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What can you do for our environment?

USE LESS! turn off lights you aren't using. use reusable silverware and plates instead of disposable. Turn off the air conditioning. turn down the thermostat in the winter and (MORE)
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How are they environment?

Some say animals are envrionment, and some say that they aren't. You can choose two ways to look at it, as an opinion or a fact. Read which one you want to go with. Opinio (MORE)
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What is environment to you?

Environment is the set of physical conditions surrounding a given object. It can be steady-state or transient.