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What is environmental governance?

The idea that the environment itself can and should be governed by political actors, usually to achieve specific ends (e.g.) environmental preservation; sustainable developmen (MORE)

What Is Environmental Cleanliness?

Environmental cleanliness is keeping the Earth's environment,  whether it be land, air or water, clean. Recycling, not littering  in water or storm drains, and using environ (MORE)

What is environmental geography?

 Physical, human   Environmental geography, also known as integrated geography,  integrative geography, or human-environment geography, is the  branch of geography th (MORE)
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What is environmental hazard?

Environmental hazard is the risk of damage to the environment, for example, air pollution, water pollution, toxins, and radioactivity.
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What does environmental mean?

The word environmental can have two somewhat different  meanings:    Relating to the world and the impact of human activity on the  world, or  Relating to your immedi (MORE)
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What is environmental management?

Environmental management is more about managing the interactions of human societies with the environment rather than managing the environment.
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What is environmental sociology?

It is a sub discipline in sociology that seeks to understand, describe and analyze how social interaction of societies and people affects the environment. Environment refers t (MORE)