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Is cement environmentally friendly?

Each tonne of portland cement produced produces about a tonne of CO2, about half of which is produced when calcium carbonate (limestone) is heated to 1400` and turned into cal (MORE)
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How is the Gherkin environmentally friendly?

it has lots of windows which makes is good for natural light to enter instead of light bulbs... Open and closed windows instead of using air condistioner. thewindows are doubl (MORE)

Why is polystyrene not environmentally friendly?

  Like many other plastics, polystyrene is a polymer derivative of oil. It can be, but often is not, recycled. This is because of a lack of plants capable of processing th (MORE)

Is jelutong environmentally friendly?

Yes, Jeluntong is quite environmentally friendly in several key ways. Ignoring the fact that Jeluntong was nearly hunted to extinction during the Boer War by Indo-Pacific lumb (MORE)

Is a rechargeable battery environmental friendly?

Rechargeable batteries are considered environmentally friendly because although they still contain metals and chemicals that are toxic, they are good for the environment compa (MORE)
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Is Buddhism environmental friendly?

Buddhism sees all life as interrelated and interdependent. As such, Buddhists revere the natural world "as the living web that interconnects individual beings, both sentient a (MORE)