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What can you do to be environmentally friendly?

Some options are: . Take public transportation, bike, or walk as much as possible . Carpool to school, work or play . Change your light bulbs to the energy efficient o (MORE)

How can you be environmentally friendly?

Be conscious of the waste you create, and try to recycle whenever is practically possible think twice about using the car for that short trip. Be conscious of the amount of (MORE)

Is nuclear energy environmentally friendly?

I know there is a lot of controversy about this but I would say not. I would say it was friendlier than coal or oil in terms of carbon footprint, but neither coal nor oil has (MORE)

What are environmentally friendly products?

They are products which don't do much harm to the Earth's atmosphere. we can observe Mother Nature at her best, and understand the justification for why we put so much emph (MORE)

Why is ethanol environmentally friendly?

I don't exactly know this myself but I think it might be...... because it doesn't produce any greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide (CO2) Answer: Ethanol (as a motor fuel (MORE)

Light bulbs are environmentally friendly?

light bulbs are not environmentally friendly. some are more friendly than others. they are not friendly because they give off green house gas emissions which greatly effect ou (MORE)