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What is the defintion of envy?

The noun 'envy' is a word for a feeling of discontented orresentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities,or luck; a word for an emotion. The verb 'envy' i (MORE)

What does envied mean?

Envied means like you are jelious of sombody. " I am so envied of Kaitlyn because she has a boyfriend and I don't

Why do you envy your friend?

Envy (jealousy) is something that no one can explain. Maybe someone else has something you want. You can envy someone and still be nice to them. If you think in your mind that (MORE)

Who is Fall of Envy?

An unsigned, but very successful and talented rock band out of Central Florida. The band is comprised of accomplished musicians. Check them out on MySpace and make your own de (MORE)

What rhymes with envies?

frenzies dimensies enzies frensies menzies Consider using these near-rhymes or slant-rhymes twenties inconsistencies testes excellencies latencies consistencies epilepsies (MORE)
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What is a sentence for envy?

Lots of girls envy her because she's wealthy and beautiful. Why envy someone else when you have your own strengths and talents? It's hard not to envy my brother who ex (MORE)

What envy leads to?

envy leads to jealousy, which is when you get frustrated and annoyed because you want to be in someone else's position but part of you knows that will never come true. when al (MORE)

Who is the god of envy?

Phthonos (Phthonus) was the Greek Personification of envy and jealousy, most particularly as it relates to love. It was said that he had dozens of wives, but killed each one (MORE)