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How do i get an eon ticket?

you can obtain an eon ticket via a Nintendo event.if you can't afford an event,then your only option is to cheat using an Action Replay....i know this is annoying,i am very an (MORE)
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How long is a eon?

In geology, an eon is an abritrary length of time having no specific length of age. An eon is the the category encompassing the largest periods of time in geologic (MORE)
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What is an eon?

In general speech, an eon can refer to a very long period of time. In science, an eon is the largest division in the geologic time scale. An eon is subdivided into two or mo (MORE)

How long is an eon?

  An eon is an indefinitely long period of time. In geological time it is the period of time that includes two or more eras.
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What is after eon?

I don't know the plural of eon but the answer is more than 1 eon

Who is Eon Bowen?

EOn Bowen is here: If that link doesn't work try this one:
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What is the Archaean eon?

The Archaean eon was a geological eon spanning from around 3800 to 2500 million years ago, comprising the Eoarchean, Paleoarchean, Mesoarchean and Neoarchean eras - a period i (MORE)