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What organism came out during the hadean eon?

Very little is known about the Hadean Eon (4576.2 - 4000 million years ago). It was the time when Earth was being bombarded with comets, planetoids, asteroids and meteoroids. (MORE)

How many books are there in the eon series by alison goodman?

Although my desire fore a third book is great, I am sad to say Alison Goodman does not seem to be making plans of a third book. Right now there are only two in this duology,Eo (MORE)

How many years in an eon?

An eon does not have a specific span of years, but is generally  recognized as being around 1000-years. It is a long span of  geologic time. Eons are longer periods of time (MORE)

What is the order of epoch eon era and period from big to small?

From largest to smallest Eon, Era, Period, Epoch. Time is also listed from largest to smallest as: millennium, century, decade, year, month, week, day.
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What is the oldest eon of geologic time?

The oldest eon of geologic time is the Archaean Eon of the Precambrian period. The oldest rocks and fossils date from this time, about 3.8 to 2.5 billion years ago. (Prior to (MORE)

What is an eon of time?

An eon is the longest separate period of time that the geological time scale is broken up into. An eon ranges from 500 million years upwards. Earth's history is split into 4 (MORE)
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How long is a eon?

In geology, an eon is an abritrary length of time having no specific length of age. An eon is the the category encompassing the largest periods of time in geologic (MORE)