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What is the Eon kid theme Song?

One day Marty found a fist, he put it on around his wrist, now powered up with speed and flight an evil general he must fight. He's got he power of an iron fist, the eon kid, (MORE)
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Is an Era shorter than an eon?

Answer   In geology and paleontology, an eon is the largest division of time. Eons are then divided into eras, and eras are divided into periods. So yes, an era is shorte (MORE)

How many years in an eon?

An eon does not have a specific span of years, but is generally  recognized as being around 1000-years. It is a long span of  geologic time. Eons are longer periods of time (MORE)

What is an eon of time?

An eon is the longest separate period of time that the geological time scale is broken up into. An eon ranges from 500 million years upwards. Earth's history is split into 4 (MORE)
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How do you get eon mail in Pokemon Crystal?

you have to trade one over from gold or silver. you don't actually get anything good from that lady i think, i think she just wants more so you could just clone it until she's (MORE)
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How long is a eon?

In geology, an eon is an abritrary length of time having no specific length of age. An eon is the the category encompassing the largest periods of time in geologic (MORE)