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Is ep brass real silver?

E.P. brass is not real silver. It means that it's electroplated  brass, nickel, copper or zinc. E.P. brass is usually stamped on the  bottom of the object.
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What does lp and ep stand for?

LP = Long Player (Album) - EP = Extended Play (Single with more than two tracks)
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How you create EPS file in inpage?

You should follow the following path 1: In File menu go to Export Page 2: A dialogue Box Open click on Browse 3: Give File Name 4: In Save as Type change the properties (MORE)
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Meaning of EP in 24Kt EP?

Electroplated. What it means is that the item is very, very thinly coated with a fine gold. The gold is not worth much. It means that if you are alergic to the base metal, you (MORE)
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What is EP album?

The question appears to be contradictory. Album would normally be associated with LP = Long Playing Record. EP = Extended Play Record (would normally have 2 tracks per sid (MORE)

What ep does fillers end after ep 226 of bleach?

The fillers ended at 265, putting an end to season 13, which was a complete filler. Episodes up until 298 have been made now, all continuing from where Ichigo last left off. (MORE)

What does ep mean on Gorham silver?

  The EP on Gorham silver means "electro plating". It is not a sterling silver piece.
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What does a police sargent do?

A sergeant in the police department is basically a first-line supervisor of the rank and file officers. He/she conducts roll calls and briefings of officers at the beginning o (MORE)