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Can sergeant be spelled sargent?

The English borrowed the word "sergeant" from the French in about  the Thirteenth Century. They spelled it several different ways and  pronounced it both as SARgent and SERg (MORE)
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Meaning of EP in 24Kt EP?

Electroplated. What it means is that the item is very, very thinly coated with a fine gold. The gold is not worth much. It means that if you are alergic to the base metal, you (MORE)
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Meaning of ep?

  The phrase "EP" as it relates to the music industry stands for "Extended Play."   EP's are typically short (4 to five songs) debut albums that are released by new ban (MORE)
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What does a police sargent do?

A sergeant in the police department is basically a first-line supervisor of the rank and file officers. He/she conducts roll calls and briefings of officers at the beginning o (MORE)

What is the correct spelling sargent or sergeant?

The correct spelling of the police or military rank is sergeant. The proper name is often Sargent, and the barrister rank in the UK was serjeant at law.
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What is EP?

EP is a musical term that stands for extended play. An EP has moresongs than a single, but does not have enough to stand as a fullstudio album.
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Why is john singer sargent important?

That depends on who you're asking. For many contemporary artists and illustrators J.S.Sargent is important because of his marvelous painting technique. Sargent had an incredib (MORE)