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What does the ephemera mean?

Ephemera can be described as a transitory written and printed matter that was not intended to be retained for long (not intended to last). The word is said to have derived fro (MORE)

What does ephemera mean?

It means temporary. Things like ticket stubs, magazines, anything printed on paper designed to be thrown away are ephemera.
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Are vintage dance cards that were used at dances in the early part of this century for girls to sign who they were going to dance with for certain dances considered ephemera?

Certainly. If they can be coupled with an invitation, they are even more interesting. Many had a small pencil attached to write the names down, if that is still there it is ev (MORE)
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What is meant by the term ephemera?

Derived from Greek language ephemera refers to things that last no more than a day. i.e. a May fly.  It is used more for printed or written material that are supposed to be d (MORE)