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What is the Epic of tudbulul?

Tudbulul, the mythological hero, lived alone with his family in a  forest site called Lemhadong. One day, he organized a   concert in which he gathered all the known music (MORE)

What is an epic convention?

Epic conventions are stories that 1. begin in the middle of things and have flashbacks to explain story 2. have prayers to gods recited by the poet before the story is told 3 (MORE)

What is an epic about?

An epic is a long narrative poem that usually contains a hero and speaks of his amazing deeds and events occurring in his time. Some known examples are Beowulf and Paradise lo (MORE)

What is the epic of 2015?

|May 24th 2015 |Proffessor. Emlivior Shuttlekerr |A number of mysterious events leading up to the conclusion of physic Emlivior Shuttlekerr to foretell the complete death of a (MORE)

What is the importance of epic?

to record history, tradition, and values in a manner thattranscends time and reinforces universal understanding of the humancondition.
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What does epic mean?

In everyday conversation, "epic" is often slang for superb or excellent. The term is also applied to productions on a large or grandiose scale (novels, movies). The modern use (MORE)

What are examples of epics?

Epics are long stories that consist of legendary heroes performing  heroic actions. Some examples of epic stories include 'The Epic of  Gilgamesh' and Homer's 'Odyssey' and (MORE)

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