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Who were the Epicureans?

The Epicureans were Hellenistic philosophers in ancient Greece. They believed that pleasure was the "greatest good". By pleasure they did not mean unbridled hedoism, they mean (MORE)

What is cynicism stoicism epicureanism and skepticism?

Cynics- This term derives from the Greek work "kunos" which means "dog-like." Early Cynics e.g. Diogenes were ANTI-SOCIAL:  1. The world (everything external) is evil s (MORE)

What is the epicurean hypothesis?

The Epicuran Hypothesis was a philosophical question framed by  Epicurus, who lived circa 200 BCE. It is an important part of  atheism and a poser to Christianity ( and all (MORE)

What is epicurean?

An Epicurean is someone who follows Epicureanism. Epicureanism is a  philosophy that was developed by Greek philosopher, Epicurus. He  believed pleasure to be the greatest g (MORE)
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What is the meaning of epicureanism?

Epicureanism is the system of philosophy that is based upon the teachings of atomic materialist, Epicurus. To the Epicurean view, the highest form of pleasure comes from frien (MORE)
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What are some famous Epicureans?

Some famous Epicureans include Plato, Aristippus, Democritus, and obviously Epicurus himself. Many more can be found online by searching for them, but really, Epicurus is the (MORE)