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What is contained in the epidermis?

The epidermis in humans contains cells (melanocytes) that make melanin, which gives skin its colour, Langerhans' cells which are the front line of defense of the immune system (MORE)
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Where are the dermis and epidermis?

Epidermis is the top layer of skin and the one you can actually see. The dermis is the layer that lies underneath the epidermis, and it is composed entirely of living cells. T (MORE)

What is the epidermis?

The epidermis is a supuficial thin layer and is divided into three layers, The Malphigian layer, The Granular Layer and The Cornified Layer. 4-5 layers of stratified squamous (MORE)
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Functions of epidermis?

The epidermis functions as a barrier to protect the body. It  protects the body against chemical compounds, microbial pathogens,  and oxidant stress also known as UV light.

What are the layers of the epidermis?

The epidermis is composed of 4-5 layers depending on the region of  skin being considered. Those layers in descending order are the  cornified layer (stratum  corneum), cle (MORE)

What does your epidermis do?

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, composed  of terminally differentiated stratified squamous epithelium, acting  as the body's major barrier against an inhos (MORE)