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What is the epidermis?

The epidermis is a supuficial thin layer and is divided into three layers, The Malphigian layer, The Granular Layer and The Cornified Layer. 4-5 layers of stratified squamous (MORE)
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Epidermis in plants?

Epidermis in roots: The epidermis in the roots of a plant is the outside layer of a root. It's function is to protect the root. Epidermis in leaves: There is an upper and (MORE)

What are the dermis and the epidermis?

these are layers of the skin: Epidermis is the top layer Dermis is the middle layer Hypo-dermis is bottom layer Epidermis is the layer of skin that you see and apply pr (MORE)
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What is the epidermis of a leaf?

It is a thin layer of translucent rectangular cells that form the outer layer of the leaves, protecting the inner layers of the leaf
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Functions of epidermis?

The epidermis functions as a barrier to protect the body. Itprotects the body against chemical compounds, microbial pathogens,and oxidant stress also known as UV light.

Where is the epidermis?

the epidermis is the top layer of your skin The epidermis is your skin The epidermis is the outer-most layer of skin. The layer under the epidermas is called the dermis.
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Is the epidermis waterproof?

Yes, the epidermis is waterproof. No matter how long you may spend swimming in the water, you will not dissolve.
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Is epidermis permeable?

While technically the epidermis is riddled with spaces such as the openings through which hairs pass, and sweat pores, as well as incidental cracks and cuts (usually), its hyd (MORE)

What does a epidermis do in a leaf?

Epidermis cells are a protective layer covering the top and bottom of a leaf. They are a flat tightly knit together sheet about one cell layer thick. Epidermis secrete a waxy (MORE)

What does your epidermis do?

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, composedof terminally differentiated stratified squamous epithelium, actingas the body's major barrier against an inhospita (MORE)