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What is the definition of epigram?

A short, witty statement expressing a single thought or observation. An epigram can also be paradoxical in nature. Epigrams are similar to aphorisms; however, most aphorisms (MORE)
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Examples of epigram?

  Epigrams are usually short poems or statements made on statues or graves. 'A soldier of the great war known unto god', appeared on many unknown soldiers graves at the (MORE)

Example of epigrams?

An epigram is a short saying or poem, expressing an idea in a  clever or amusing way, often using satire. An example of a famous  epigram by Benjamin Franklin is, Little str (MORE)
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A sentence for epigram?

An epigram is, essentially, a witty saying. An example sentence  would be: Her epigram had everyone at the party laughing.
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What is epigramic?

Epigramic is something spoken in an epigram. For example: "an epigramic law Nature Knows Best" - a certain rule expressed through an epigram "nature knows best".
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What are the characteristics of an epigram?

EPIGRAM= Def: Epigram is a pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a CLEVER way. it is also a short poem especially a SATIRICAL one having a witty or ingenious END. F (MORE)