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Who was the brother of Prometheus and Epimetheus?

Atlas and Menoitios.    Menoitios was probably the titan/god of rashness. Zeus killed him  and/or sent him to Tarturus. Atlas was condemned to holding up  Uranus(The (MORE)

Who was signy in mythology?

Signy the dawn goddess, the only daughter of Volsung and Liod. Married to Siggeir who had her whole family treacherously murdered. She saves her brother, Sigmund and has an in (MORE)

What is mythology?

Dictionary: the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person. ---- Technically speaking, "mythology" is a collection of stories that serve as explana (MORE)

Mythology about Hercules?

Born of Zeus and Alcmena, he was raised by his mother and stepfather, Amphriton. Hera, hating Zeus for sleeping around (Ever looked at a family tree, almost everyone born afte (MORE)

What is Epimetheus in astronomy?

Epimetheus is an inner satellite of Saturn. It is also known as Saturn XI. It is named after the mythological Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus.   Epimetheus occupies essen (MORE)

What is mythology and an example?

The term mythology can refer to either the study of myths or a body of myths. For example, comparative mythology is the study of connections between myths from different cultu (MORE)

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