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When is the Epiphany Celebrated?

The "Epiphany" or "Theophany" is celebrated in the Western Church on January 6th, twelve days after Christmas. Some of the Eastern rites celebrate "Epiphany" on January 19th i (MORE)

What synonyms are there for 'epiphany'?

Main Entry: epiphany Synonyms: . Christophany, Satanophany, afflatus, angelophany, apocalypse, apparition, appearance, appearing, arising, avatar, coming-forth, coming, comin (MORE)

How do you write a epiphany?

You don't. An epiphany is the sudden understanding of something, and is a thinking process, not something you write. You can write about an epiphany, in which case you would (MORE)

What is remembered at the Epiphany?

The Epiphany is a Christian holiday celebrated at the end of theChristmas season, on January 6th. It celebrates the Magi seeing thebaby Jesus after travelling to meet him. C (MORE)

What do you do on Epiphany?

Bethlehemes is a custom in Central Europe. Around Christmas and especially at Epiphany young people go from house to house, receive treats. They are dressed as the three wise (MORE)

Where is Epiphany?

Epiphany is not geographical... I think you mean to ask ' What is Epiphany ' Epiphany is an ancient church festival celebrating the magi's visit to the Christ Child. It is ke (MORE)

What is Hamlet's epiphany?

In my Opinion its his realization that his "madness" has brought on so much death; that revenge is not worth all the turmoil. Another opinion: it is when he is on the ship to (MORE)

What is the epiphany in Eveline?

Her epiphany is that her duty is to stay home with her father even though he is abusive even though she is able to leave and start a wonderful life with the man she loves. Thi (MORE)