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What are the branches of zoology?

Zoology is divided into fifteen different branches. These branches  are entomology, ichthyology, helminthology, mammalogy, ornithology,  parasitology, virology, herpetology, (MORE)

What is vertebrate zoology?

Within the Animal Kingdom there are many phyla, or categories of  animals. One such category is chordata. All chordates have, at some  time in their development, a notochord (MORE)

Who is father of zoology?

Zoology, is the branch of biology that focuses on the structure, function, behavior, and evolution of animals.
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What is the definition of zoology?

The scientific study of animals usually done by people studying to become zoo professionists or vets (animal doctors).
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What is zoology?

Zoology is the study of Animal Life. Zooligst sometimes study certain types of animals, such as fish or bears. Modern zoology arrived with the invention of the microscope.
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What are the subdivisions of zoology?

Phylum Specific Branches: •Acarology The study of tics and mites •Anthropology The study of apes (and man) •Carcinology The study of crustaceans •Conchology Th (MORE)

Father of zoology?

  the father of zoology is Ranel B. Gregorio   ll-honesty
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