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What epoch are you in?

The epoch that humans are currently in is called the Holoceneepoch. Scientists argue that the epoch we are in is actually theAnthropocene epoch, which means 'new man.'
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What are epochs?

The word epoch is the part of a time period that is chosen as thebeginning or reference point. It is used to chronologically placeorder of events.

What is a epoch?

An epoch is just any given time period usually marked by specific events. For example, one might describe the period of the French Revolution as "the epoch of belief,...the ep (MORE)
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What is Epoche?

A particular period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy. . A notable event that marks the beginning of such a period. See synonyms at http://wiki. (MORE)

What is epoch com?

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What is the anthropocene epoch?

It is the epoch we may now be living in. It is supposed to be the epoch in which humans have become so widespread that we have had a major impact on the world's ecosystems. It (MORE)

What is the stegosaurus epoch?

Stegosaurus lived between 155 and 150 million years ago. That was during the Upper Jurassic epoch.