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What started the Holocene epoch?

The Holocene started after the world warmed up after the last glaciation period about 12,000 years ago. Until recently it has been a relatively stable time in relation to weat (MORE)
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What is the anthropocene epoch?

It is the epoch we may now be living in. It is supposed to be the epoch in which humans have become so widespread that we have had a major impact on the world's ecosystems. It (MORE)

What are the epochs into which US history is divided?

10 Volumes Vol. I: Voyages of Discovery and Early Explorations: 1000 A.D.-1682 Vol. II: The Planting of the First Colonies: 1562-1733 Vol. III: The French War and the Revoluti (MORE)

Is a Gibson Baldwin epoch a good guitar?

The Gibson Bladwin Epoch is a real Gibson guitar with great value. Even though the price is low it is a good buy. It has same pick-ups as the Epiphone Standard Plain-top which (MORE)
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What are the three stages of the culture-epoch theory?

Chaos, Adjustment, and Balance. In order for the culture of a civilization to thrive it must undergo each stage of the culture-epoch theory. This cycle is continuous and as lo (MORE)
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What was the climate during the pleistocene epoch?

The climate during the Pleistocene epoch was extremely cold. More than 30% of the world was covered in ice sheets. The Pleistocene is the time period where the last ice age ha (MORE)

What are Karl Marx's four epochs of history?

A) Primitive communism B) Slave societies C) Feudalism D) Capitalism he predicted that each ruling class produces the class that will overthrow its own, so the capitalist soci (MORE)
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What is the second epoch of the Quaternary Period called?

Currently recognized are two epochs, the first being the Pleistocene, and the second, which started with the end of the last glaciation 10,000 years ago is the Holocene.
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What are the epoch in the Cenozoic era?

The Cenozoic Era is currently divided into 3 Periods and 7 Epochs.  There is even an argument at the moment for an 8th Epoch,    The Cenozoic Eta (65.5 Ma - Now)   (MORE)