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What does eponymous mean?

One who is referred to as eponymous is someone that gives their name to something. i.e. the name of a car manufacturer or sports team, ford, Ferrari or Brawn (F1)
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What is the eponym for a homburg?

An eponym is a word or name derived from the name of a person. HOMBURG is derived from Alexander (1769--1859) and Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767--1835), which are eponyms.

What is eponymic title?

A title based upon the name of an individual person could be said to be an "eponymic title".. With some help from Wikipedia:. Specifically, an eponym is a person, whether (MORE)

What are some eponyms?

The noun eponym is a word for the person after whom a discovery, invention, or place is named; or the name or noun formed in such a way. Some examples include Lou Gehrig's (MORE)

What is eponym and examples?

An eponym is a name, especially a place name although it can be almost anything, derived from the name of a real or imagined person, e.g. Melbourne (Australia) from William La (MORE)
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What is the eponym for nephroblastoma?

Nephroblastoma (kidney tumour) is also known as Wilms' tumour . Wilms specialized in tumours of the kidney, bladder and urogenital tract, and one of his significant conclusio (MORE)
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What is an is an eponym?

An eponym is a person for whom a place or thing is named. For example, Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) is named after a physician called Gerhard Hansen.