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Who were eponymous ancestors in the Old Testament?

A:An eponym is a real or imaginary person after whom a place or institution is named or thought to be named.  The most well known eponymous ancestor in the Bible is Jacob, na (MORE)

What was the eponym that the Duke of Wellington?

An eponym is when someone gives their name to something else. So, like , 'The Duke of Wellington' gave his name to wellington boots. It's a little bit like the Roman's gave th (MORE)
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What is the eponym for nephroblastoma?

Nephroblastoma (kidney tumour) is also known as Wilms' tumour. Wilms specialized in tumours of the kidney, bladder and urogenital tract, and one of his significant conclusions (MORE)

Can someone define the phrase 'eponymously named'?

"Eponymously named" means something was given the same name as the person choosing the name. (Example: David Sloane decided to eponymously name his clothing line "Sloane's Sla (MORE)