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What does eponymous mean?

One who is referred to as eponymous is someone that gives their name to something. i.e. the name of a car manufacturer or sports team, ford, Ferrari or Brawn (F1)
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What is the eponym for a homburg?

An eponym is a word or name derived from the name of a person. HOMBURG is derived from Alexander (1769--1859) and Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767--1835), which are eponyms.
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What is eponymic title?

A title based upon the name of an individual person could be said to be an "eponymic title".. With some help from Wikipedia:. Specifically, an eponym is a person, whether (MORE)

What is eponym and examples?

An eponym is a name, especially a place name although it can be almost anything, derived from the name of a real or imagined person, e.g. Melbourne (Australia) from William La (MORE)
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What is the eponym for nephroblastoma?

Nephroblastoma (kidney tumour) is also known as Wilms' tumour . Wilms specialized in tumours of the kidney, bladder and urogenital tract, and one of his significant conclusio (MORE)

What is the eponym of Scrooge?

That would be Enenezer Scrooge, the main character in Charles Dickens' book "A Christmas Carol".
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What is an is an eponym?

An eponym is a person for whom a place or thing is named. For example, Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) is named after a physician called Gerhard Hansen.
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