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Why don't equipotential lines cross?

If this means voltage potential it is a conservative force so it is path independant, much like gravity, it doesn't matter how somthing got to where it is it will still have t ( Full Answer )
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What instrument measures the electric equipotential?

Multimeter is an instrument that measures electric equipotential.Equipotential lines can be determined by connecting various pointsof electric potential or voltage.
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Why equipotential line perpendicular to electric field?

because the electrons are trying to stay as far away from each other as possible (like repels like) imagine a ball with strips of paper attached to it. if the papers lay fla ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible for equipotential lines to cross?

Equipotentials cannot cross because they relate to places with a given value for potential. Lines of force meet at the charge or point of mass. They can cross if they relat ( Full Answer )
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What is equipotential line in soil mechanics?

lines that all the points on it have the same head pressure andeqipotential lines are always prependicular to the stream lines .
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What is Equipotential lines in electric field?

Equipotential lines are lines that are perpendicular to the lines representing the electric field of a particle. A particle can travel freely of equipotential lines without do ( Full Answer )
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What is an equipotential surface?

It's a surface over which electric charges are evenly distributed, caused by the mutual repulsion between charges of the same polarity.