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How do you use the word equivocate in a sentence?

The word "equivocate" is a verb meaning to avoid making aclear statement by saying something that has more than one possiblemeaning; to use ambiguous language so as to conce ( Full Answer )
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Can you give me examples of equivocal terms?

Buck, pitcher, charged and battery are just a few examples of equivocal terms. These are words that sound the same (and are spelled the same) yet have completely different ( Full Answer )
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What does equivocate mean?

It means to make a statement that does not provide the necessary information, often deliberately (such as when required to make an unwanted choice). To equivocate implies dec ( Full Answer )
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What does equivocation mean?

The verb to equivocate means a. to use equivocal/ elusive language especially with intent to deceive b. : to avoid committing oneself in what one says The fallacy of ( Full Answer )
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What is equivocal terms?

Equivocal terms refer to words that are pronounced two differentways, and have separate meanings. Some examples include abstract,address, bass, and close.
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What is equivocal language?

Those who have tendency toward equivocal language often are quitedifficult to understand. Sometimes the words has two or moremeanings.
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How would you use equivocal in a sentence?

The repairman was equivocal about whether or not it could be fixed. Our daughter came home 4 hours past her curfew last night, and was very equivocal about where she'd be ( Full Answer )
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What is equivocal a noun or verb?

Neither. Equivocal is an adjective. Its definition is: "allowing the possibility of several different meanings, as a word or phrase" An example sentence would be "Mitt Rom ( Full Answer )
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What are some synonyms for equivocal?

"Equivocal" is defined as being "open to more than one interpretation." Popular choices of synonyms include doubtful, dubious, questionable, and uncertain.