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How do you win 1000 Equus playing with companions on howrse?

Purchase a companion in the Store that has an Equus advantage. This includes goats, hens, monkeys, rabbits, zebras, and frogs. Give the companion to a horse you own over the a (MORE)

Where is Hyundai equus made?

The Hyundai Equus is built at a manufacturing plant located in  Ulsan, South Korea.
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How do you trade diamonds for equus on howrse?

Go to store and right above the things your buy, there is a "Exchange Items" button. Click on that. You have to have set up your e-mail address first. Then go to "Manage My It (MORE)
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Easy way to get equus on Howrse?

There are many ways to get equus on howrse: 1. You can sell items in the market. droppings are a good way to make equus and selling aging points is a good way to get equus f (MORE)
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Can you buy passes on Howrse with Equus?

Every 30 days after your 50th day on howrse you can buy a pass for a certain amount of money. To do this you just go to the my passes page and at the bottom there is something (MORE)

What are the characteristics of Genus Equus?

The Genus Equus includes horses, donkeys and zebras. They are mammals, with long heads and necks (with a mane of hair). They have long, slender legs with a single toe - prot (MORE)

What does equus mean?

Horse! Equus is where we get 'equestrian' from. It is a 2nd Declension noun. The conjugations are as follows: equus -- Nominative Singular -- 'the horse' equi -- Genitive (MORE)

What animals are in the equus family?

Equus is a Genus , not a Family. Equidae is a Family, not Equus. However, the all animals that belong in the Family Equidae are in the Genus Equus. Thus, the animals that bel (MORE)

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