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Where can you get Japanese erasers?

You can get them at Uwajimaya in downtown Seattle. They have great ones! In Canada, real Iwako "made in Japan" Japanese erasers are now available at independent toy stores a (MORE)
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What is an erasing shield?

Erasing shields protect areas of a drawing that you do not want to erase. They are made of a light gauge, spring metal with numerous openings in variegated shapes and size (MORE)
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What is the eraser challenge?

The eraser challenge is where you get an eraser and you take one of your hands or arms (If you want to do it use your non dominant) and start erasing on the back of your hand. (MORE)
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What does the eraser challenge do to you?

The earaser challenge is when you get a pencil earaser and rub you skin with it while saying the alphabet realy slow and while your doing that keep rubing and once your done s (MORE)
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Why does an eraser sink?

    An eraser will sink because it can't displace enough water it's not boyant
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What makes erasers erase?

Erasers are made of rubber. Pure rubber makes a good eraser because it picks up carbon particles easily.The rubber erasers we use today contain a hard powdery substance called (MORE)

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Who invented the eraser?

Edward Nairne first developed the the eraser and it was widely used. However, these rubbers used to go bad after a certain length of time. Hymen Lipman received the first pate (MORE)

How are pens eraseable?

You can't erase pen ink because they are not erasable. If you make a mistake, just cross it out. For example: pns pens are not erasable.
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Can you get a felony erased?

Expungment is the legal process by a court removes all records of criminal conviction even if its a felony. Depending on the state and the felony with which you were charged, (MORE)