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How does an eraser erase?

an eraser erases by the material it is made of and rubber is one of those materials, it mostly makes lead "dissapear" from the paper because of friction Also, if you rub someo (MORE)

What is an eraser?

An eraser is called a rubber over here in England. A rubber/eraser is a material that rubs out pencil lines. Their are also some types of pen rubbers/eraser's that come on the (MORE)

How do you erase?

You put down the rubber eraser on top of the graphite, and rub with a little bit of pressure, depending on how hard you put the graphite on the page.
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What does eraser have to do with you?

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This is erased?

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What can you do with an eraser?

Erase pencil or dry erase marker. Depends. __________________________________________________________________ . Eraser is a rubber eraser that erases writings on a paper (MORE)