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What did erasmus do?

Answer . ERASMUS WAS A RENAISSANCE WRITER. --. A Roman Catholic humanist philosopher; he advocated reform of the Church on the basis of study of sacred texts (regular rea ( Full Answer )
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Where did erasmus live?

He originated from Rotterdam,England then traveled around afterwards because he was orphaned as a small boy.
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How did Desiderius Erasmus become famous?

Desiderius Erasmus joined Al-Quaida after he had an argument about penissizes with George W. Bush. He declared the Jehad, the holy war, in 1996 and killed Tupac. Then he recor ( Full Answer )
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What did Desiderius erasmus what do?

Desiderius Erasmus wrote In Praise of Folly, his main objective was to reform the catholic church.
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Who was Desiderius Erasmus?

Erasmus (1466-1536), the "philosopher of Christ," was a scholar and classicist and one of the fathers of humanism.
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Why was erasmus important?

Desiderius Erasmus gained fame throughout 16th-century Europe for his scholarly and popular writings, including pointed, witty criticisms of civil rulers, the clergy and relig ( Full Answer )
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Who is Jean Erasmus?

One gay soldier, Jean Erasmus, was chemically castrated by Dr Levin at Bloemfontein psychiatric hospital in 1980. . Before he committed suicide last year, Erasmus recorded a ( Full Answer )
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Who influenced erasmus?

F. Pijper has demonstrated that the great difference between the Lutheran Reformation and the early Dutch Reformation was due to the influence of the writings of Erasmus on th ( Full Answer )
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What did erasmus Darwin do?

Erasmus Darwin was Charles Darwin's grandfather and he wrote a book titled "Zoonomia" which focused on the possibility of evolution.
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What are the 22 leadership principles of Erasmus?

1. Increase your faith. 2. Act upon your faith. 3. Analyze your fears. 4. Make Virtue the only goal of your life. 5. Turn away from material things. 6. Train your mind to dist ( Full Answer )