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What are the 22 leadership principles of Erasmus?

1. Increase your faith. 2. Act upon your faith. 3. Analyze your fears. 4. Make Virtue the only goal of your life. 5. Turn away from material things. 6. Train your mind to dist (MORE)

How did Erasmus pave the way for the reformation-?

Erasmus challenged Christians to get back to the first-century  faith. He produced new versions of the New Testament in the hopes  that everyone would be able to read it.
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What did desiderius erasmus believe in?

he belived in humanism during the middle ages. and that everybody should fare for themselves rather than a god
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Sino si desiderius erasmus?

siya ay isa sa mga pangunahing kristyanong humanista. sa pamamagitan ng kanyang akda na " The Praise Of Folly " , inilarawan niya ang maling kaasalan ng mga mangangalakal,siye (MORE)
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Who influenced erasmus?

F. Pijper has demonstrated that the great difference between the Lutheran Reformation and the early Dutch Reformation was due to the influence of the writings of Erasmus on th (MORE)
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When Erasmus became a priest?

    Erasmus did not become a priest. He became a monk. There is a great difference. An 11 year old child could become a monk if a relative took his vows for him.   (MORE)