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What is an erhu?

An erhu is a Chinese two-stringed fiddle. It is played using a bow between the two strings. Playing the erhu takes lots of practice and it can imitate sounds - from talking to (MORE)

Why is snakeskin used to make the Chinese instrument the erhu?

Python skin is the most popular snakeskin to use to make the erhuand its brother instruments (zhonghu, gaohu, etc.) because of thesound it helps to produce. Along with the cha (MORE)

What is a Chinese erhu made out off?

Judging by mine, the body, neck, pegs and bridge are all carved out of wood, with some bone (or substitute) inlay at the head and on the pegs. The bow is made from bamboo, wit (MORE)
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What is the difference between a violin and an erhu?

An Erhu is a traditional chinese instrument while the violin is western. Compared to the Erhu, the violin has more strings to it therefore making a sharper tone and and Er (MORE)

Why wasn't the erhu suitable for the orchestra?

Erhu is not suitable in the orchestra, because it only has 2 strings, and symphony compsitions for the violin are usually going beyond the 2 strings that the erhu has, which i (MORE)

What is the difference between the sounds of an Erhu and a violin?

Based on my experiences, having used both instruments, I can say that a violin speaks . It has sharper tones and a clear range of sound that can be heard note for note. An Er (MORE)