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How can i remove a place on wikimapia step by step procedures please im a newbie?

Log-in to and find the place that you want to delete.   Click on the place and you will get a pop-up window which contains details about the place.   The (MORE)

Who is Eric violette?

He's the actor/musician who appears as the lead singer in the FREE-CREDIT-REPORT-DOT-COM commercials. He is lip-synching the lyrics because he's French Canadian and has an acc (MORE)

What is the Origin of the surname Newby?

This name is of early medieval English origin, and a locational surname deriving from any of the various places named Newby in the North of England, for instance in Cumberland (MORE)
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What does newbie mean?

A person who is new to something. Such as online games, or new to some other things.
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Who is Eric Sjoberg?

You might mean Lars-Erik Sjöberg, who was a Swedish ice hockey  defenseman. More information about him is available on wikipedia.
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Who is Eric in twilight?

Eric is a boy whos Chinese in twilight he loved Bella wen he first saw her but later wen he and Angela went to the prom together he started to love Angela and Angela loved him (MORE)