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Who is Eric Viquez?

Eric Viquez Arias is a Costarican Art Director (production designer). Born in 1972, he has an eclectic range of skills that combinated perfectly in creative environments s (MORE)
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How was mount Townsend formed?

mt. tounsend was formed by erosion of human soil. after that the  australian plate hit the soil causing mt. townsend to form the  mountain was formed millions of centuries b (MORE)

What is The Wedsworth-Townsend Paramedic Act?

The Wedsworth-Townsend Paramedic Act was signed into effect by Governor Ronald Reagan in 1970 authorizing specially trained emergency medical personnel to provide advanced lif (MORE)

Who is Eric Wright?

If you're talking about Dr. Dre "I need a doctor" It's Eazy E a hip-.hop artist who has past away and was a good friend of Dre. Actually, Eric Wright from the video is the fo (MORE)
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Who Is Eric Hartman?

A man nicknamed the black devil of the south (to the soviets) he was born in Germany fought in world war II
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What did Francis e townsend do?

He was a doctor and a real estate worker, he lost his job during the great depression and came up with the idea that anyone over the age of 60 who are retiring get 200 dollars (MORE)

What does Father Coughlin and Francis Townsend have in common?

  Both were critics of FDR's New Deal and attracted a lot of attention during the Depression. Dr. Townsend proposed a monthly pension plan in which the federal government (MORE)

Who is Eric Sjoberg?

You might mean Lars-Erik Sjöberg, who was a Swedish ice hockey  defenseman. More information about him is available on wikipedia.
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