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What is sati?

sati is when the husband dies and the wife has to die with him.if the wife doesnt die then they were kept lock in the room and not given any food as they would think that the (MORE)
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What is the practice of sati?

where a girl or widow is burned alive with her husband to help carry him to his next life, even if the girl hasn't seen her husband. People build a sort of cage around the gir (MORE)
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What is sati system?

  when the husband dies the wife has to be burnt along with him.this is called sati.

Were does sati come from?

Sati is the practice of self-immolation, or burning yourself to death. It comes from Hindu mythology. The story of Dakshayani (Sati) and her marraige to the god Shiva. Some cl (MORE)

How long will Percocet saty in your system?

Percocet, like other opiates, is water soluble and depending on such factors as your own metabolism, water intake, and dosage 24-72 hours. You can get it out of your system fa (MORE)

Who killed sati?

In the tale of Sati she took her own life. She was also known as Dakshayani. She was born to King Daksha in ancient India. In her youth her father tried to propose marraiges t (MORE)

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