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Was ernest Hemingway single or married?

Ernest Hemingway was married to 4 different at 4 different times 1. Elizabeth Hadely Richardson (1921-1927) Divorced - Ernest's affair w/ Pauline Pfeiffer 2. Pauline Pfeiffer (MORE)

What are Ernest Hemingway's nicknames?

Earnest Hemingway had several nicknames of which "Papa" was the name he was best known by. The nickname "Papa" was given to him by his children as was the nickname of "Bumby". (MORE)

Who is Ernest Shackleton?

Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922) was a British explorer who commanded three expeditions to the Antarctic (1907-09, 1914-17, 1921-22), during which the South Magnetic Pole w (MORE)

Why did Ernest Rutherford use gold foil?

It is because gold is soft and most malleable metal and can be made into very thin sheets. Rutherford experiment consisted of bombardment of Alpha particles at the sheet of (MORE)

Who is Ernest Borgnine?

Ernest Borgnine, born on 24-Jan-1917, is an actor. His mother suggested that his forceful personality could make him suitable for a career in acting, and Borgnine promptly enr (MORE)
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What made Ernest Rutherford famous?

In 1911, he suggested that atoms have their positive charge concentrated in a very small nucleus, and pioneering with the Rutherford model, through his discovery and interpret (MORE)
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How did ernest Rutherford interpret the gold foil experiment?

Before Ernest Rutherford's landmark experiment with a few pieces of metal foil and alpha particles, the structure of the atom was thought to correspond with the plum pudding m (MORE)

Did Ernest Hemingway have siblings?

Hemingway was the third son and the second child born to Clarence Edmonds "Doctor Ed" Hemingway, a country doctor, and Grace Hall Hemingway. For the source and more detailed (MORE)

Who was Ernest Shackleton?

Sir Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) was a British explorer of the South Pole who is best remembered for leading his crew to safety after the failed expedition of the Endurance ( (MORE)